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Nanjing holds assembly to mark Japan's WWII surrender

A peace assembly was held Thursday in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II.

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Archaeological sites, museums across Greece celebrate August full moon

Greece celebrated on Thursday the August full moon by offering free entrance to archaeological sites, museums and monuments across the country.

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Zhagana, a paradise-like place in Gansu

Zhagana is a mountainous region on the northeastern rim of the Tibetan Plateau, with an average altitude of 3,500 meters.

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Exhibition of Tibetan paintings a celebration of colors

Auspicious Clouds over Snowy Land, an exhibition now on at the National Art Museum of China through Aug 25, shows 54 paintings in a distinctive style.

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Trump victorious in Daqing

Judd Trump eased to a dominant 10-3 win over Shaun Murphy in the final of the International Championship.

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Giant panda celebrates 13th birthday

Giant panda Sijia, born in 2006, moved to Yabuli in July 2016 from southwest China's Sichuan Province. The panda house celebrated Sijia's 13th birthday on Monday.

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